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high speed doors
high speed doors
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High Speed Doors

GNB Doors provides outstanding high speed door sales, installation, and service in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Western Ontario. We specialize in working with you to size and select the right high speed door best suited for both your needs and budget. GNB partners with leading manufacturers, like Rytec and Hörmann, to provide you with the finest door options on the market.

Contact one of our high speed door specialists today for a free consultation, where we will provide you with our product recommendation, a detailed cost estimate, and our scheduling availability. Call us at 1-866-968-3398 or fill out our contact form on this page.

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We Never Leave A Door Open

We will never leave your operation open and unsecured. We promise that we will get your door down before the end of the day so that you can secure your operations.

What Is A High Speed Door?

A high-speed door, or a high-performance or rapid roll door, is a specialized type of door designed for industrial and commercial applications where fast opening and closing are essential. These doors are engineered to open and close much more quickly than traditional doors, providing benefits such as energy efficiency, improved security, and enhanced productivity in various settings.

Here are some key characteristics and features of high-speed doors:

High-speed doors can open and close rapidly, typically at a rate of several feet per second. This swift operation helps maintain temperature control, minimize exposure to the elements, and reduce air exchange, making them suitable for environments where climate control is critical.

These doors are constructed with robust materials such as reinforced fabric, metal, or a combination of both to withstand frequent use and resist wear and tear. They are designed to endure harsh industrial environments.

High-speed doors often incorporate safety features like motion sensors, pressure sensors, and safety edges to prevent accidents and injuries by detecting obstacles and stopping or reversing the door’s movement when necessary.

Energy Efficiency
Rapid opening and closing minimize energy loss, making high-speed doors more energy-efficient compared to traditional doors, especially in facilities requiring climate control, like cold storage warehouses or cleanrooms.

High-speed doors can enhance operational efficiency by reducing wait times for vehicle or personnel traffic, optimizing workflow, and helping maintain a controlled environment.

Some high-speed doors are designed to provide security, as they can act as a barrier to unauthorized access. They can also be equipped with features like access control systems and alarms.

Noise Reduction
High-speed doors can help minimize noise pollution in industrial and commercial settings by providing a barrier between noisy machinery or operations and quieter areas.

These doors are often customizable to suit specific industry needs, including size, material, color, and additional features like vision panels or insulation options.

Common applications of high-speed doors include loading docks, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, automotive garages, pharmaceutical cleanrooms, and more. Their ability to provide rapid access while maintaining environmental control and safety makes them a valuable asset in various industries.

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GNB Doors provides outstanding commercial overhead door sales, installation, and service across communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Western Ontario, including:

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We work with heights, metal components, motors, and high-tension springs – rest assured that we take the safety of you and our crews very seriously. We have certifications and membership in several safety designations. We are proud to have licensed technicians, fully-trained staff, and all the necessary equipment to get every job done without incident.