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commercial overhead door operator opener
commercial overhead door operator opener

GNB Doors provides outstanding commercial overhead door operators & garage door opener sales, installation, and service in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Western Ontario. We specialize in working with you to size and select the right overhead door system best suited for both your needs and budget. GNB partners with leading manufacturers, like LiftMaster, Micanan, and Manaras, to provide you with the finest door options on the market.

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We Never Leave A Door Open

We will never leave your operation open and unsecured. We promise that we will get your door down before the end of the day so that you can secure your operations.

What Is An Overhead Door Operator/Opener?

An overhead door operator, commonly referred to as a garage door opener, is a motorized device that opens and closes overhead doors, such as garage doors. These operators can be triggered through various means such as remote controls, wall-mounted buttons, or keypads.

Here’s a basic overview:

Motor Unit: This is the primary unit, typically mounted in the center of the garage ceiling. It contains the motor that does the actual lifting of the door.

Rail: This is a track system that guides the trolley from the motor unit to the door.

Trolley: Attached to the door, this component travels along the rail when the door is activated to open or close.

Remote Control or Transmitter: Allows for wireless operation of the door from a short distance.

Wall-mounted Button or Switch: This button is usually installed inside the garage and can be used to operate the door without the remote.

Safety Sensors: Typically found near the base of the door on either side, these sensors detect obstructions in the door’s path. If something is detected, the door will stop and reverse to prevent damage or injury.

Backup Battery: Some modern operators come with a battery backup so the door can be operated even during power outages.

When activated, the motor turns either a belt, chain, or direct drive system, which then moves the trolley along the rail. The movement of the trolley causes the door to open or close. The mechanism and principle are similar across various types of openers, but the drive system (belt, chain, screw, or direct) can vary.

Types of Drive Systems
Chain Drive: Uses a chain to move the trolley. It’s reliable but can be noisier than other systems.

Belt Drive: Uses a rubber belt instead of a chain, resulting in quieter operation.

Screw Drive: Uses a threaded rod to move the trolley. These are typically less maintenance than chain or belt drives but can be noisier than belt drives.

Direct Drive: The motor itself moves the trolley, providing for very quiet operation.

Safety and Security Features
Modern overhead door operators come with security features to prevent unauthorized access. This includes rolling code technology, where the remote’s code changes with each use.

Safety sensors prevent the door from closing on obstructions.

Manual release mechanisms allow users to manually open or close the door in case of power failure or malfunction of the operator.

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GNB Doors provides outstanding commercial overhead door sales, installation, and service across communities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Western Ontario, including:

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We work with heights, metal components, motors, and high-tension springs – rest assured that we take the safety of you and our crews very seriously. We have certifications and membership in several safety designations. We are proud to have licensed technicians, fully-trained staff, and all the necessary equipment to get every job done without incident.